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Everyone at the Studio made me feel so welcomed…It was really like a a fun and exiting family get together.

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Jonathan Bernis: Shalom and welcome to Roots of your faith, where we help you to figure out the Jewish roots of your Christian faith. I’m Jonathan Bernis. Thanks for joining us. Our guest today has spent the last 25 years researching a hidden code in Genesis that he believes reveals Jesus’s crucifixion and deity, listen to this, in the original Hebrew text. It’s a fascinating show that you don’t want to miss. Here’s some background on our guest day.


Announcer : Timothy P. Smith is an appraiser of antiques and artifacts. Upon learning about his Jewish ancestry, Timothy researched and discovered an encryption code in the ancient Hebrew scriptures. His breakthrough has ignited excitement among Biblical scholars. Timothy and his wife Dana have six sons and a daughter and live in Virginia.


Jonathan Bernis: We’re so glad he’s able to join us here today on Jewish Voice. Please welcome Timothy P. Smith. Timothy, welcome. Good to have you on Jewish Voice.


Timothy Smith: Very good to be here.


Jonathan Bernis: It’s a pleasure. Thank you for taking the time. You’ve made an amazing discovery that we want to talk about. It started with a dream. Go back, talk about the dream, and then we’ll learn a little about your history and how you ended up here.


Timothy Smith: It actually first everything really began with a mystery concerning my mother’s ancestry. They came to the United States in between World War 1 and World War 2, both my grandmother and my grandfather. At first, I was taught and my mother was taught, she was born here, and my family, that they were Italian. Like a lot of people, that turned out not to be the case. I discovered that in my early twenties when I was doing research at the National Archives, put the pieces together. Right after that happened, after I discovered that they were Sephardic Jewish, from Italy …


Jonathan Bernis: Not a surprise here. We have a lot of people on the program that turn out to be Jewish.


Timothy Smith: Unusual things started to happen in my life. The first thing that started to happen was I started to have very powerful, very overwhelming dreams. It’s not even honest to call it a dream because that’s not what happened. I was wide awake and I noticed a light that I could see. The first thing I noticed was that I could see the objects in the room, which something was wrong with that. Instantly, I was absolutely attacked by the most frightening, terrifying, the only word I can come up with is terror. I was terrorized by multiple entities. I couldn’t see them physically, but I knew that they hated me. Finally, with all the faith and strength that I could muster, I called out in the name of Jesus Christ, and as soon as I could get the words out of my mouth, “In the name of Jesus Christ, please deliver me” …


Timothy Smith: I command you to go in the name of Jesus.


Timothy Smith: Instantly, a conduit of light came into the cabin, into the room, and into that light came a personage dressed in a very simple white garment robe, and communicated to me that it was Moses. It was a man, I would say looked to be to me 70-something. Telepathically, he communicated to me that he was Moses. He didn’t speak to me verbally, but it was crystal clear.


Jonathan Bernis: I want to leave more of the details for people to read in the book.


Timothy Smith: Yeah, I don’t want to spoil it all.


Jonathan Bernis: You came out of it with a very strong sense of mission, that you had to investigate something.


Timothy Smith: It absolutely changed my life, and I knew that what I needed to do had something to do with Moses. It had something to do with the Torah. When we came back, I started to absolutely pore into research concerning everything about Moses, everything about the Torah, everything about Hebrew, the Hebrew language. I started to learn Hebrew at the time, biblical Hebrew. At that time, I had six sons by this point, and finally a daughter. I noticed a funny kind of coincidence right at the time. When I was calling up my father and I was saying, “Dad, we finally had a girl. Now I’ve got six sons and a daughter.” It hit both of us. My father has six sons and a daughter. It seems funny now to realize it, but at that time I went, “Oh,” and we were joking about that. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Where in the scriptures does it talk about someone having six sons and a daughter? At the very beginning of the House of Israel …


Jonathan Bernis: Genesis 30.


Timothy Smith: Jacob’s first wife Leah is so delighted because finally she has six sons and a daughter. It hit me. That’s where I have to go. If there’s anything that’s gonna be there, it’s gonna be there for me.


Jonathan Bernis: You found it in Genesis 30. Six sons and a daughter. What else you discover?


Timothy Smith: By that time, I had been learning all about so many things having to do with from Torah scholars all the way back to the early Middle Ages had always been talking about that the Torah was compacted and encrypted with unlimited amount of information.


Jonathan Bernis: Here is some of the text. Take us through this because some of the letters are in red, and I recognize the letters in Hebrew. Take us through what we’re looking at now. This is part of Genesis 30, right?


Timothy Smith: Right. Genesis 30:20 through 23. I knew that if God was wanting to speak to me directly, he would use my name. I was named after Saint Timotheus. My name’s Timothy Paul, so Timotheus was a disciple of Paul. There’s a tradition, again also very traditional, that when God is speaking to someone, he calls them by name so you can’t pretend like he’s not talking to you. Or to avoid the calling. “Moses, Moses,” “Abraham, Abraham.” I knew if he was going to speak to me directly, I believed it would be right here and I believed that he would call me by name.


Jonathan Bernis: Again, I want to emphasize this is the text that’s paralleling your life with six children and a daughter.


Timothy Smith: Right, and it has this synchronistic connection with my own family biographical details. Here you have Timotheus encrypted in a standard cryptological method at an equidistance of every 16th letter, spells out completely, starting with the Tet.


Jonathan Bernis: You have Tav, which is good.


Timothy Smith: Right, and you skip 15, and on the 16th …


Jonathan Bernis: You have the Yod


Timothy Smith: You’ve got the Yod. The Mem, and you skip another and you just come down …


Jonathan Bernis: Reish


Timothy Smith: Yeah, right on down. It’s Timotheus. Now this is the spelling of Timotheus that is in the Encyclopedia Judaica when they are referring to Saint Timothy.


Jonathan Bernis: I’m gonna challenge you. What’s to keep me…I can probably find Jonathan, my name, by picking out different letters. What makes this unique?


Timothy Smith: It’s at a perfect equidistance skip of 16. In other words, it’s impossible. It’s statistically absolutely impossible. This is the equivalent of picking a nine number lottery ticket, and the only numbers you get to pick are your nine digit Social Security number.


Jonathan Bernis: Statistically, this is impossible.


Timothy Smith: Quintillion.


Jonathan Bernis: Wow. Bigger than our national debt.


Timothy Smith: It’s absolutely impossible. The method of cryptology is when there’s an equidistant code at an equidistance of, let’s say, 16, you realign the text. When you do that, it makes Timotheus appear in a single vertical column, this is a standard technique of decryption in codes. In military codes. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years, really. In military communications in multiple ancient languages.


Jonathan Bernis: I’ve seen this in other books I’ve read on Biblical encoding. The Bible Code, in fact, which was written many years ago, but this is different.


Timothy Smith: It’s different in the sense in that this is the only code like this that can be absolutely proven to be intentional communication.


Jonathan Bernis: Statistically, this is very relevant.


Timothy Smith: Right, it’s absolutely intentional. There’s no question. No one has questioned that this is intentional communication.


Jonathan Bernis: Timothy, it’s clear. God is calling you by name, and not the only name we found, by the way. There’s another name we’ll talk about, but we have to take a break. More when we come back with Timothy Smith on the Chamberlain key. You don’t want to miss it. Stay with us.


Timothy Smith: This was the thing that blew them away to where they knew this was absolutely intentional.


Jonathan Bernis: If you’re just joining us, my guest today is Timothy P. Smith. This is a mind boggling discovery that we’re talking about that he made from the Hebrew scriptures. He’s written a book about it. It’s a brand new book. It’s called The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible. Timothy, the Jewish scholars of old knew that there were hidden messages in the Bible. That’s been very clear.


Timothy Smith: Right, absolutely.


Jonathan Bernis: Making the discovery and actually finding your name, being called by name is fascinating to me. Your name in Genesis 30, it was a word for you but it went way beyond you is what you’re saying, right?


Timothy Smith: Yes. It’s a very ancient name. In fact, the very first usage of it goes way back, 8 or 900 BC. Scholars have actually written papers on this name Timotheus. It has a very interesting significance. Right up in Greek, it means honor of God or God’s honor. Just the combination of the two Greek words. What is it indeed? What was it really signifying? I was already familiar with another ancient technique of communicating information, of compacting information. It’s called a chiasmus or inverted parallel, sometimes called mirror writing. All Hebrew letters have a hieroglyphic significance or a symbolic meaning. They have a numeric equivalent, and they also have a phonetic sound. It’s perfect for that because of that. Not all languages in even ancient alphabets are like that. Hebrew is probably the most ancient.


You match up the first letter and the last letter. The meaning of the first letter in the series is coil, to twist, to snake. You match that with the last, samekh, and is a staff or support. What do you get? You get a serpent on a staff.


Jonathan Bernis: The serpent lifted up in the wilderness.


Timothy Smith: Right. Everyone recognizes that. You match the second letter with the second to the left, Yod and Vav and you get a hand, or the work, and you get a spike or nail. You get a nail in the hand. Then, if you match the third, from the third to the last, you get the concept of Mem, is like the deep, chaos, disorganization, and then aleph, of course, the first letter in the Hebrew, Aleph, is God’s strength, order. You get this notion of bringing order and strength into the chaos, which we know is the result of the redemption and the sacrifice of Christ.


Then you get the double. The amazing thing about this, and this was so elegant when I first demonstrated this to linguists and Biblical scholars, this was the thing that blew them away to where they knew this was absolutely intentional. There was no way you could throw a statistically impossible phenomenon and they it be this and think, “Oh no, this is just accident. This is just a coincidence.” Here we get the next pairing. We get it doubled. We get a vav and yod again, with again a nail and a hand. We have two nails and two hands.


Jonathan Bernis: We have the redemption of the crucifixion.


Timothy Smith: Timotheus actually always was a chiasmus representing the crucified messiah bringing order into chaos and the serpent lifted up in the wilderness for all of us to look at.


Jonathan Bernis: Why do you think in Genesis 30? Why do you think Genesis 30, or do you think this is found throughout scripture?


Timothy Smith: No, this phenomenon only appears in one place. In other words, it’s so impossible, it doesn’t appear at any other equidistant skip. It’s only right there. It’s at the very beginning of the House of Israel. It’s taking us back to the very beginning. And it’s reminding the House of Israel, obviously it seems to be reminding the House of Israel what they should look to for redemption.


Jonathan Bernis: That is powerful. Wow. Wow. Timothy, why do you think God would hide this, would encrypt this for the Jewish people in their own scripture?


Timothy Smith: That’s if you assume it’s hidden. We’re encoded the same way. If you think about the way God creates things, the way he created all life, it’s in our DNA. Is it hidden or it just took us a while before we could actually look at it? Maybe this isn’t really hidden, but then why are we only being made aware of it in these last days? That’s a very good question and we definitely find that out. This is only the beginning.


Jonathan Bernis: Daniel says knowledge will be revealed.


Timothy Smith: Exactly. Also, these things, there’s nothing that I have uncovered in the scriptures which is not thematically connected with the overtext.


Jonathan Bernis: If the formation of Israel has the message of the one to look to …


Timothy Smith: Right. Here’s the interesting thing, Rabbi. This does now just appear. It’s in the Leningrad Codex. It was most assuredly in the Aleppo Codex, the two oldest. It is also in every Torah, in every Torah Ark thought the world. Eugene Ulrich, another Torah scholars and Hebrew Biblical scholars, they were amazed too because they had already identified that section of text as being absolutely the most pristine from the original because there is no variation. They never found a variation in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They have never found a variation.


Jonathan Bernis: As he put it, the consonant text remains untouched, unchanged.
Timothy Smith: Coincidentally, in that particular section, there is no variation. It is everywhere. It’s a witness no matter which version you believe is the most correct.
Jonathan Bernis: Timothy, why you? Why do you think God chose you to find this
Timothy Smith: That part’s a mystery to me. Then again, these things were synchronized with a great deal of my own family’s biographical information so I was able to recognize it. It would appear miraculous to me. I would start looking into it, so I would be willing to lay it on the table for all of you to look at. That’s the only reason I can figure.
Jonathan Bernis: Again, your very name, your given name, Timotheus, means something much bigger. This is so compelling. It’s so deep. We have to take a break. We’ll have more with Timothy P. Smith right after this.
Jonathan Bernis: We’ve been talking with Timothy P. Smith. He’s the author of The Chamberlain Key, which is a really mind-boggling discovery in the Hebrew scriptures. Timothy, these are amazing discoveries. What do you hope that people will get out of The Chamberlain Key?
Timothy Smith: Right off the bat for most people, I hope they have a renewed interest and fascination and even an intrigue into the original Biblical text of the Scriptures. That they would understand that there are treasures in there. As Torah sages throughout the centuries have said, there’s so much more there than meets the eye on the surface. I’m also hoping it’s not too hard to learn to start learning to read Biblical Hebrew, and that a whole interest and to start focusing on these things. Again, it’s the tip of the iceberg. For them to be familiarized with the basic context of this kind of a phenomenon and to be able to explore it somewhat for themselves.
Jonathan Bernis: As I ponder everything you’ve shared, which is so amazing, and really is, as you said, the tip of the iceberg, I’m thinking about the supernatural nature of all this. First of all, the way God called you. The way that he gave you dreams, and then ultimately ending up at Genesis 30 and that incredible message. This is supernatural. I believe that God is the author of the universe. He is the author of a supernatural book called the Holy Bible and it proclaims that he cares about you, that he loves you, that he has a plan for your life. Not just a plan for the universe. Not just a plan for the ages. He has a plan for you and for your family, and it’s through Yeshua, Jesus, the living son of God.

Our program is dedicated to help you understand those truths, to help you understand what’s ahead, and that God loves and cares about you. If you have a prayer need, just know that we’re here for you. You can log onto our website, JVMI.tv and just know that God loves you and so do we.


As I close, Psalm 122:6 says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love thee. This week, pray for Israel and the Jewish people, pray for Jerusalem, and receive prosperity from the living God. As I end the program, I wanted to give you a look at what’s ahead next week, and until that time, I’m Jonathan Bernis saying shalom and God bless you.


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