• -1446
    Moses Leads His People Out of Egypt  

    Exodus from Egypt

    The Jews leave Egypt as documented in Exodus 12:

    During the night Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, “Up! Leave my people, you and the Israelites! Go, worship the Lord as you have requested. Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me.”

    The Egyptians urged the people to hurry and leave the country. “For otherwise,” they said, “we will all die!” So the people took their dough before the yeast was added, and carried it on their shoulders in kneading troughs wrapped in clothing. The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.

    The Israelites journeyed from Rameses to Sukkoth. There were about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides women and children.

  • -950
    The Temple in Jerusalem BC

    Solomon’s Temple is Built

    King Solomon’s Temple was resplendent. Described in 1 Kings 6–7, the temple was divided into three parts: the forecourt (ulam), the outer sanctum (heikhal) and the inner shrine (devir), also known as the Holy of Holies. Built of stone and roofed with wooden beams, Solomon’s Temple was intricately ornamented. Its interior walls and floors were lined with wooden boards and covered in gold. It took seven years to complete the temple and its furnishings. (continue reading on Biblical Archeology).

    The specifics for the building of the Temple can be found in 2nd Chronicles.

  • 0
    Jesus is Born in Bethlehem  

    Jesus Christ is Born

    Jesus Christ is born to the Virgin Mary in the town of Bethlehem.

    See Matthew 1-2

    See Luke 1-2


  • 0033
    Jesus on the Cross Friday

    Jesus Christ is Crucified

    But He was pierced through for our transgression, He was crushed for our iniquities…” Isaiah 53:4 [read the entire prophecy in Isaiah 53]

  • 0033
    The Tomb is Empty Sunday

    Jesus is Risen!

     “The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said.” – Matthew 28:5-6

  • 0880
    The Rocio Maddona  

    The Rocio Madonna is Discovered by a Hunter in Spain

    The Rocío Madonna, or Our Lady of El Rocío, is a small carved wooden statue of the Virgin and Child, venerated at the Hermitage of El Rocío, just south of Seville in Andalusia, Spain. It was believed to be discovered sometime in the year 1315. Each year, more than a million people take part in an annual pilgrimage to the famous Romería de El Rocío, which culminates at the Chapel/Hermitage in the tiny village of El Rocio, located on the beautiful fresh water marshes of Doñana National Park. See what the Chamberlain Key and the Rocio Madonna have in common.

  • 1720
    The Vilna Gaon Apr 23
    The Vilna Gaon

    Elijah ben Solomon Zalman (the Vilna Gaon) is Born

    Elijah ben Solomon Zalman, also known as the Vilna Gaon was born on April April 23, 1720.

    Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Gaon displayed extraordinary talent while still a child. By the time he was twenty years old, rabbis were submitting their most difficult halakhic problems to him for legal rulings. He was a prolific author, writing such works as glosses on the Babylonian Talmud and Shulchan Aruch known as Bi’urei ha-Gra (“Elaborations by the Gra”), a running commentary on the Mishnah, Shenoth Eliyahu (“The Years of Elijah”), and insights on the Pentateuch entitled Adereth Eliyahu (“The Splendor of Elijah”), published by his son. Various Kabbalistic works have commentaries in his name, and commentaries on the Proverbs and other books of the Tanakh were written later on in his life. None of his manuscripts were published in his lifetime.


  • 1750
    Sir Issac Newton  

    Sir Issac Newton Writes on Bible Codes and the Temple of Solomon

    Sir Isaac Newton, an English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who was renowned for formulating the laws of motion and universal gravitation, also went to great lengths to study the Temple of Solomon, taking an entire chapter in his book, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, to study it. Newton also spent vast amounts of his life seeking for what he believed to be a Bible Code that was encrypted into the Word of God.

    “Newton believed that science and faith were inextricably linked,” said an announcement by the library, “and that God is the author of two books: the book of science and the Holy Book. These two books are the key to understanding the world and its history from the beginning until the end. As embodied in this exquisite collection, Newton enabled physics and theology to live together in perfect harmony.” (see article in The Times of Israel)


  • 1947
    Dead Sea Scroll Section  
    The Dead Sea Scrolls

    The Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in the Judean Desert

    Bedouin goat hearders Jum’a and Muhammed ed-Dib discover the Dead Sea Scrolls which contain some 981 different Biblical texts. The scrolls are discovered in eleven caves (the Qumran Caves) in the eastern Judaean Desert, which is the modern West Bank. The Dead Sea Scrolls was one of the most important Biblical discoveries of the 20th Century. Read more on the Dead Sea Scrolls website.

  • 1950
    Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl  
    Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl

    First Observation of EDLS in the Torah

    Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, a brilliant Czechoslovakian Jewish scholar in astronomy, mathematics, and Judaic studies, found an obscure reference in a book by a fourteenth-century rabbi known as Rabbeynu Bachayah that described a pattern on letters encoded within the Torah. This discovery during the years before World War I inspired Rabbi Weissmandl to begin exploring for other examples of codes hidden within the Torah. During the war years he found that he could locate certain meaningful words or phrases, such as hammer and anvil, if he examined the letters at sequences that were equally spaced in the Hebrew text. In other words, if he found the first letter of significant word such as Torah, and then, by skipping forward seven letters he found the second letter of the word Torah, he continued to skip forward the same number of letters to see whether or not the complete word Torah was spelled out in the text at equally spaced intervals. Rabbi Weissmandl described this phenomenon as “equidistant letter sequences” (ELS). The rabbi was astonished to find that an incredible number of significant words were hidden in code within the text of the Torah at equally spaced intervals. These spaced intervals between significant letters varied from every five letters, every seven letters, and numerous other intervals. However, once they found a particular word spelled out at, say every 22nd letter, the balance of the letters from the words in this group were also spaced at an interval of every 22nd letter.

  • 1958

    The Aleppo Codex is Smuggled Out of Syria

    For more than a thousand years, the Aleppo Codex was preserved in its entirety in important Jewish communities in the Near East: Tiberias, Jerusalem, Egypt, and in the city of Aleppo in Syria.

    In 1947, after the United Nations Resolution establishing the State of Israel, it was intentionally rumored that the Codex was damaged or destroyed in riots that broke out in Aleppo Syria. It turned out that most of the manuscript had been saved and kept in a secret hiding place. In 1958, the Aleppo Codex was smuggled out of Syria to Jerusalem and delivered to the President of the State of Israel, Izhak Ben-Zvi.

  • 1960
    Timothy's Birth Certificate Feb 21

    Timothy Paul Smith is Born

    Timothy Paul Smith is born to Edwin Jay Smith and Zena Zangla Smith on February 21st, 1960 in Washington, D.C.

  • 1986
    A Storm is Brewing Jan 12
    A mean looking huge storm cloud hovering over a field

    Timothy Has His First Strange Recurring Dream

    Timothy has his first of three recurring dreams. The dream took place on the exact same date, January 12th, each year for three years. Timothy journaled about each dream recording how he saw a large, dangerous storm brewing on the horizon.

  • 1987
    A Storm is Brewing Jan 12
    A mean looking huge storm cloud hovering over the ocean.

    Timothy Has His Second Strange Recurring Dream

    Timothy has his second of three recurring dreams. The dream took place on the exact same date, January 12th, each year for three years. Timothy journaled about each dream recording how he saw a large, dangerous storm brewing on the horizon.

  • 1988
    A Storm is Brewing Jan 12
    Epic super cell storm cloud

    Timothy Has His Third Strange Recurring Dream

    Timothy has his third of three recurring dreams. The dream took place on the exact same date, January 12th, each year for three years. Timothy journaled about each dream recording how he saw a large, dangerous storm brewing on the horizon.

  • 1989
    Dream of Traveling to Canada Apr
    Illustrated map of Northern America including Canada and Alaska

    Timothy Has a Vivid Dream About Traveling to Canada

    Timothy has a very vivid dream in which he and his family travel to a remote area of British Columbia, Canada.

    “Then one night in April 1989 I had another dream, this one out of sequence and very different from the rest, a dream in which I was looking at a map of North America. I saw a tiny cartoon version of our Ford van driving from east to west across the continent, much like a 1940s newsreel showing a plane flying across a spinning globe. In the dream our van stopped deep in the Canadian Rockies of British Co- lumbia. The location imprinted itself so vividly in my brain that when I awoke I was able to pull out an atlas and mark the spot. I noted the longitude and latitude, wrote them down on a scrap of paper, and put it in my wallet.

    I believed, because of the repetitive nature of the dreams and some of the sym- bolic nature of the content, that I was being guided — and prompted to act — though for what purpose I didn’t have a clue. Thanks to the dream, however, I did have one strikingly specific detail: a place I could locate.

    Plunging ahead with the reckless confidence—and often the foolishness—of youth, I decided to go there.”

    [Excerpted from The Chamberlain Key by Timothy P. Smith – read chapter one]

  • 1989
    Germansen Landing, British Columbia Jun
    The store at Germansen Landing, British Columbia

    Timothy P. Smith and His Family Arrive in Canada

    In the summer I drove my family to British Columbia and the location indicated in my dream, four hundred miles north of Fort Saint James, high in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. My wife was just a few months from delivering our third son. Our two other sons, ages four and six, sported coonskin caps, assuming we were on a marvelous wilderness adventure. A friend of mine and his wife were also traveling with us. Strange things started happening from the moment we arrived in mid-July…

    [Excerpted from chapter 2 of The Chamberlain Key by Timothy P. Smith – read chapter one]

  • 1989
    A Dream That Changed Everything Sep 8
    Timothy Smith Dream of Moses and a Scroll

    A Night to Remember

    Timothy has a dream that would forever change the course of his life and lead to the discovery of The Chamberlain Key.

    “The wee hours of September 8, 1989, changed my life forever in ways I could not yet begin to imagine. God heard my prayers and answered my yearning in such a re- markable and unexpected manner that I still marvel to this day, reliving the circum- stances over and over in my heart and mind in order to glean one more bit of wisdom or guidance. Whenever I’m discouraged, I go back and read the dog-eared pages of my journal from this time, seeking the comfort and reassurance they always bring.

    That night I lay awake in bed next to my wife in our small bedroom in the cabin on the Omineca River. She was sound asleep as I cradled her head with my left arm. Our unzipped sleeping bags, which we used as blankets, covered us as I peered around the cozy log room. My jeans hung over a ladder-back chair in the corner, my boots upright alongside it.

    Then it struck me that the room wasn’t dark, though it was not yet morning. I could see everything clearly. No sooner had this thought occurred to me than I felt a terrific force pressing against my chest and face…”

    [Excerpted from chapter 2 of The Chamberlain Key by Timothy P. Smith – read chapter one]

  • 1994
    Statistical Science Article  

    “Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis” Published in Statistical Science

    Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Toav Rosenberg publish their findings on how codes are encrypted in the book of Genesis. According to their published work in Statistical Science, Rabbi Weissmandel had discovered these codes decades before the article was published in 1994. The article in Statistical Science would lead to further research by other scholars. Download the full article in Statistical Science.


  • 1998
    The Bible Code Book Apr 7
    The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

    The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin is Published

    (Excerpted from Wikipedia)

    Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and author, best known for his writings on The Bible Code, which is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah.

    Drosnin began researching the Bible Code in 1992 after meeting the mathematician Eliyahu Rips in Israel. In 1997 Drosnin published  The Bible Code, which asserts that the Bible Code predicts the future and that events can be affected by our actions. The book also states that many famous assassinations—both past and future—were foretold in the Bible, and that the code can be interpreted with the help of a computer program. The book that the code contains predictions of disasters and an apocalypse to occur between 1998 and 2006.

    Drosnin has been criticized by some who believe that the Bible Code is real but that it cannot predict the future. Some accuse him of factual errors, incorrectly claiming that he has much support in the scientific community, mistranslating Hebrew words to make his point more convincing, and using the Bible without proving that other books do not have similar codes.

    While Drosnin’s book was disproven, the basis for encryptions in the Bible, which was first put forth by Eliyahu Rips, are certainly reliable. For a detailed break down on how The Chamberlain Key differs from The Bible Code, read this article.

  • 1998
    The Leningrad Codex Facsimile Edition Feb 9

    The Leningrad Codex Facsimile Edition Published

    The Leningrad Codex, the oldest complete version of the Old Testament, is photographed in St. Petersburg, Russia, and then published by Eeardman’s Publishers. Timothy P. Smith would later discover the “Chamberlain Key” in The Leningrad Codex in Genesis chapter 30.

  • 1998
    The "Chamberlain Key" Key Code in Genesis 30 Mar 21

    Timothy Discovers the “Chamberlain Key”

    Timothy P. Smith, after years of research and prayer, uncovers a hidden key code in Genesis chapter 30 which includes his name and the full biographical information of his family. This discovery leads to more encryptions, which Timothy is actively pursuing and is leading him to make unprecedented discoveries.

  • 1999
    The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Nov 17

    The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Published

    The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English, is published. The book is authored by Martin Abegg Jr., Peter Flint, and Eugene Ulrich. Ulrich, Chief Editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Professor of Hebrew Scripture and Theology in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, has written the forward for The Chamberlain Key and says this about Timothy P. Smith’s discovery, “However one wishes to interpret the meaning and significance of the text, they may rest assured that the text on which Timothy Smith bases his interpretation has almost certainly been there for a very long time, since before the birth of Christ.”

  • 2005
    Torah Codes Book Sep 1
    Torah Codes - A Glimpse into the Infinite by Robert Haralick, Eliyahu Rips, and Rabbi Matityahu Glzerson

    Torah Codes by Haralick, Rips and Glazerson is Published

    Professor Robert M. Haralick, Professor Eliyahu Rips, and Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson publish their book, Torah Codes: A Glimpse Into the Infinite, which reveals their methods for uncovering encryptions in Torah along with many of their discoveries. Their work set the foundation for the use of computer software to analyze encryptions in the Hebrew text, which Timothy P. Smith has used in order to analyze his own discover of the “Chamberlain Key” and other significant encryptions.

    About the Authors

    Robert Haralick is a Computer Science professor at the City University of New York. His area of research is pattern recognition, image processing, image analysis, computer vision and data mining. He has published over 550 archival articles, book chapters, and conference papers in the scientific literature. Previously he was president of the International Association for Pattern Recognition, a Fellow of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and a Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition.

    Professor Eliyahu Rips is listed in every edition of “Who’s Who in America” since 1990. He has his PhD in mathematics at Hebrew University and is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics there. His statistical analysis of Torah Codes with Doron Witzum and Rosenberg was published by Statistical Science in 1994.

    Rabbi Glazerson is an internationally known lecturer and teacher. He taught at Yeshiva Ohr Samayach in Jerusalem, Israel and was Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva Torat Emet in Johannesburg, South Africa. Glazerson is the author of 25 books in Hebrew, which have been translated into Russian, French, and English. He has also written a weekly column for Yom HaShishi in which he related words associated with current events to other Hebrew words having the same Gematria. Rabbi Glazerson is also a musician and composer.

  • 2007
    Book by Haim Shore Feb 26
    Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew by Haim Shore

    Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew by Haim Shore is Published

    Haim Shore, a tenured engineering professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, publishes his findings on unexplainable coincidences abound in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew in his book, Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew. Shore, who has five academic degrees, makes a strong case that there are coincidences in the Hebrew language that show intent to convey hidden information, and occasionally information that could not be expected to be known in biblical times. Haim Shore’s methods and discoveries would be used by Timothy P. Smith to uncover incredible encryptions in The Leningrad Codex, including the “Chamberlain Key”.

  • 2016
    Chamberlain Key Book Trailer Dec 6

    Timothy P. Smith Shares a Preview of His Book, The Chamberlain Key

    Timothy P. Smith talks about what you will uncover in his forthcoming book, The Chamberlain Key, which documents Timothy’s remarkable true story and is available for pre-order at book stores worldwide. Pre-order your copy today here.

  • 2017
    The Chamberlain Key Book Apr 4

    The Chamberlain Key Hits Book Stores Everywhere

    The Chamberlain Key, which documents Timothy’s remarkable true story, releases in book stores and online worldwide. Order your copy here.

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