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I’ve been on an incredible journey that began over 30 years ago when I started digging into a mystery surrounding my family’s ancestry. It’s been a wild ride and I cannot tell you how excited I am, after over three decades of research, to be able to reveal what I’ve discovered in The Chamberlain Key to the world.

While some of what I am laying on the table for public scrutiny will no doubt be challenged and debated, (a process I look forward to) the undeniable reality of The Chamberlain Key phenomenon has compelled me and a team of experts and researchers to embark on a journey that all of us feel destined to take.

At this point, we’ve assembled such an impressive body of hard evidence that we are confident that we can continue to uncover important lost artifacts and vitally important historic information that has missing or hidden for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. So far, we’re batting a 1000. Every specific location so far identified  by the decoded encryptions in the ancient Biblical Hebrew texts has turned up a gold mine of new discoveries and intriguing clues, all pointing to the very same thing: a treasure of more transcendent value than all the world’s material wealth combined. The Words of God as preserved in the most pristine ancient manuscripts have been hidden and preserved to come forth at a moment in history when mankind needs them desperately.

If all of this sounds like an outrageous trillion to one prospect…just examine the impossible things that have already occurred associated with The Chamberlain Key.

Things like this don’t just happen and then lead to nothing.

While my book, The Chamberlain Key, will get you caught up on the last 30 years and most of the back story surrounding my finding, there is so much more that has happened in the last few months that did not make it into the book, such as incredible discoveries, conversations with experts, technical developments, and trips that are planned in the next three months to unravel this mystery.

I have started a newsletter that will coincide with my blog on I hope this newsletter will keep you informed and up to speed on all the exciting findings that are now just beginning to unfold.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride!

Timothy P. Smith