Available April 4, 2017

“However one wishes to interpret the meaning and significance of the text, they may rest assured that the text on which Timothy Smith bases his interpretation has almost certainly been there for a very long time, since before the birth of Christ.”

—Eugene Ulrich, PhD,
Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame;
Chief Editor, Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

A True Story…Better Than Fiction

Imagine you are a young, ambitious, successful appraiser of artifacts and antiquities—your services in demand by many of the most powerful individuals and branches of government in Washington, D. C.  Your future could not seem brighter—except for a troubling dream…with the same mysterious message…on the same exact date…three years in a row… [continue reading]

What is the Chamberlain Key?

In days long past the “chamberlain” was the official in a royal household who held the key, on behalf of the king, that gave access to all of the most private and secret areas of the castle or palace.

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What is the Rocio Maddona?

Every year a million people in Spain decend on a tiny town in Spain to pay homeage to a famous wooden statue of the virgin and child, known as the Rocio Madonna.

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Who is Timothy Smith?

The discovery of The Chamberlain Key has caused many to wonder, “Who is Timothy Smith?” and “Why would God choose Timothy to uncover this?”

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About the Author

TIMOTHY SMITH is the fourth generation of a distinguished American trade family that has served governors, senators, and presidents since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, participating in projects such as the Jefferson Memorial, the National Museum of Art, and the Vice Presidential Residence. As a professional appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities, Smith has discovered and recovered many priceless historical items. However, none have amazed and excited him like the “The Chamberlain key.”

BOB HOSTETLER is the award-winning author of more than thirty books, including American Idols (The Worship of the American Dream) and the historical novel, Northkill. His books have sold over three million copies.

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Available April 4, 2017